Technology Development

Our Technology group creates innovative solutions for the mortage industry's toughest problems.


FirstKey maintains an experienced team of software engineers and business analysts to develop and deploy solutions for the complex mortgage trading, securitization and asset management businesses. FirstKey has developed leading solutions for both internal and external use including Harvest, a transformative document recognition, classification, and data extraction application and Cassidy, a whole loan trading and management system.

Harvest addresses a key industry problem related to large and disorganized loan files. The software can rapidly recognize, split, and index all pages in these files producing a consistently organized loan package for review. Harvest also extracts critical data elements from the documents generating a validation database. These outputs make the process of evaluating and underwriting mortgage loan documentation significantly more efficient. Document deficiencies and data discrepancies are quickly discovered and diligence exceptions more easily cleared.
Cassidy is FirstKey’s mortgage trading, securitization and asset management system. It provides bid and trade management, population control, transaction management and due diligence as well as closing/settlement, post settlement issue management and servicing transfer oversight. Cassidy is also utilized by FirstKey’s Servicing Oversight Group to process and review servicer monthly reports and remittances. Cassidy provides a robust and flexible asset management environment allowing FirstKey to quickly pivot to new solutions and strategies.