global securitization platform

FirstKey provides asset management, advisory and securitization services to investors in the U.S. and international markets. We are one of the largest securitizers of seasoned re-performing residential mortgage loans worldwide.


In February 2016, FirstKey created a new business line, Global Structured Finance (“GSF”). The core mandate of GSF is providing Sponsorship/Co-Sponsorship of asset or mortgage-backed securitizations domestically and abroad.

Beginning in 2016, FirstKey expanded its role from not only the Asset Manager on the Towd Point Mortgage Trust (“TPMT”) securitization program shelf, but also the sole Sponsor and Risk Retention Holder for all TPMT deals.

ABS/MBS Structuring
FirstKey has an experienced team of fixed-income investment professionals dedicated to collateral management and innovative deal structuring with the expertise to invest across all parts of the capital structure allowing FirstKey to execute deals through all market cycles.

GSF provides advisory and structuring services globally to holders of fixed-income assets (asset or mortgage-backed) that can be sold into ABS or MBS securities.
In addition to structuring securitization advice, FirstKey can potentially act as the Sponsor or Co-Sponsor for the ABS/MBS securitization, or re-securitization.

FirstKey acts as the structuring agent for European TPMF securitizations, Co-Sponsor for U.S. 144A eligible TPMF securitizations and sole Sponsor and Issuer for U.S. TPMT securitizations. In April 2016, FirstKey was the Co-Sponsor for the TPMF 2016-Granite1 (“TPMF 2016-GR1”) securitization, the largest U.K, RMBS issued since 2008. The “TPMT” securitization program is the largest 2009 post-housing crisis rated seasoned performing loan (SPL) non-agency RMBS program in the U.S.
Credit Risk Retention
Beginning in 2016, FirstKey added the new GSF business line – becoming the sole Sponsor to the U.S. TPMT securitization program. As the Sponsor or Co-Sponsor for an ABS/MBS securitization or re-securitization, FirstKey has the capability to be a one stop solution for investors of assets looking at securitization as a means to de-risk or sell off non-core collateral held on balance sheet.