Due Diligence And Asset Management

FirstKey is a leading provider of loan procurement and asset management services.


FirstKey is a leading provider of loan procurement and asset management services including bid package review, collateral analysis, due diligence, transaction management, loan file curing and servicer oversight. FirstKey has a demonstrated track record for closing large trades, a well-established process for contract negotiation, due diligence, third party reviews, and a high pull-through rate for loans at settlement.

Asset Purchaser/Seller
FirstKey works primarily with large money center banks, regional banks, and mortgage loan originators to complete purchases of first lien, non-agency mortgage loan debt secured by one-to-four family residential homes. Generally, the pools of loans can be as small as $50mm and as large as is available. The majority of the assets purchased are subsequently securitized, however, FirstKey does manage the sale of whole loan assets from time to time and always welcomes inquiries from purchasers and sellers.
Trade & Transaction Management
FirstKey manages bid package review, collateral data validation and analysis, asset selection and pricing, trade terms and confirmation. With a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals, FirstKey provides leading transaction management, due diligence, closing and settlement services including post trade issue resolutions servicing transfer management. We are dedicated to working with our partners and counterparties to find solutions that are mutually beneficial and that lead to strong and lasting relationships.
Asset Management
In January 2014, FirstKey was engaged as the Asset Manager to each Towd Point Master Funding Trust (“TPMFT”). FirstKey is the Asset Manager for in excess of 60,000 loans, in whole loan and securitized loan format. FirstKey utilizes leading technology and third party partners to accomplish its Asset Management responsibilities.